What is the recommended age for a child to start using The Learning Tower?
18 months –when your toddler is stable on their feet, they are ready to use their Learning Tower.

What age will a child stop using The Learning Tower?
Around 5 or 6 years of age, kids may no longer need the Learning Tower as a step stool to help reach the counter top; but may continue to use it for fun as a fort or puppet theatre. The Learning Tower is an open ended play structure—there is no limit as to how a child and their imagination will play with The Learning Tower!

How many children can safely be in The Learning Tower at one time?
Two (2).

What colors do The Learning Towers come in?
Natural, Chocolate Brown, Red, Black, Green Pink, Dark Blue and White. You can see some examples in our Gallery.

What accessories are available for The Learning Tower?
The Art Easel, and the Playhouse Kits which are sold separately.

Where can I get a set of Assembly Instructions?
You may download the set of assembly instructions here.

Can I assemble my Learning Tower without Part B?
Yes. Assembly with Part B (the small feet that stick out from the base) is optional. Assembly with Part B however gives additional stability and support to The Learning Tower and is recommended.

What are the dimensions and weight of The Learning Tower?
Assembled Learning Tower Dimensions:
58.4 cm deep X 81.9 cm wide X 96.5 cm high. The total assembled weight of the Learning Tower is 16 Kg

The Platform adjusts to four different heights:
Rung #1(Top)—49.5cm from the floor.
Rung #2—42 cm from the floor.
Rung #3—35.5cm from the floor.
Rung #4 (Bottom)—30.5cm from the floor.

Tested to hold up to 227.3kg.

How do I care for my Learning Tower?
To clean: Wipe your Learning Tower with a damp cloth.
If water gets on your Learning Tower use a dry clean cloth to wipe the water off.

How do I get replacement parts?
Call 1300 119 837 or contact us with the part/ parts you need replaced. We will see that your replacement part/parts are shipped to you right away!

Where is The Learning Tower made?
The Learning Tower was designed in the United States and is manufactured in China.

Where can I purchase the Learning Tower?
The Learning Tower can be purchased directly from the Australia Distributor on this site or it can be found at one of the retailers on our Where to Buy section.