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Bonding at any Stage

The Learning Tower provides a unique situation in where adult activities are now accessible to little ones. With the innovative design of the Learning Tower from Little Partners, a child is able to stand at counter height without the risk of the tower tipping over, twisting or collapsing.   What was once an unsafe, desired task of a two-year old- for example, washing dishes or making a pizza- now becomes a shared activity that allows the child to participate in adult happenings free from the risk of injury. During such endeavors, an emotional connection and intimacy between parent and child explodes.The child is reinforced as an active member of the family and begins to gain a healthy self-worth and self-esteem. Bonding at this level is made easier and safe with the Learning Tower. And just think, in a few years mummy and daddy will have a confident, secure, valid helper in the kitchen and beyond.


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