What others are saying…

“Have been meaning to email you for a while to say thank you so much for the Learning Tower, it’s just wonderful. My daughter Lara just loves it and when she’s happy, I’m happy :0). I would also like to thank you for sending it free of postage as there were no stockists near us, it’s nice to get real customer service and I will be recommending you and the Learning Tower to my friends, thanks again.”
Ann-Marie, Australia.

“Thank you so much for sending our Learning Tower, we didn’t expect it to arrive so soon. We love it already! Last night my 18 month old daughter Sadie stood in it to make homemade pizza, she was so secure and grown up standing in there adding her ingredients to the base, and it was great piece of mind given she fell off one of our dining chairs doing the same thing last week. We’re a no tv family so it’s always been tricky to keep her occupied while we cook tea, having her at the bench is just perfect. Thanks for making this product available in Australia.”
Melissa, Australia

“I set it up this afternoon and already the girls have ‘helped’ me to cook dinner and to wash the dishes. It really is a fantastic product, worth every cent.” 
Nicole, Australia.

“Thanks guys, I am so happy with mine which arrived a week or so ago. Arabella is quite content to stand in it for however long while we cook, wash up etc. I thought she wouldn’t have been too keen that it restricted her freedom, but it seems to be a novelty for her to be up at bench height and to see what is going on. It has made being in the kitchen so much safer and easier that I now let her come into the kitchen every time I cook, unlike before when I was worried about her safety. Thanks again, I’ll be spreading the word!” 
Susan, Australia.

“If you owned one you would realise…the Learning Tower is worth every dollar you spent to purchase it. It’s built like a rock. It doesn’t teeter. It’s designed to hold two children and it does! The Learning Tower is indispensable at our house. We use it multiple times a day! It’s adjustable too, so it grows with your child.” 
Heather, United States.

“I can’t tell you how much we love the learning tower. We’ve recently moved to Indonesia with our 17 month old son and one of our essential toys that we had to bring was the learning tower. He loves it! Last weekend we made pasta together. He has his own little sets of play frypans to mimic mummy, which I usually fill with his ‘ingredients’ – dried fruits, etc. I’ve told all my friends to buy one to do away with the ‘toddler-around-the-ankle’ syndrome. I can see us having hours of fun over many years watching his ability and confidence grow in the kitchen.”
Sally, Indonesia.

“We love our learning tower. Before LT, it used to be so difficult to prepare meals as my 20 month old son always wanted to be in on the action. After LT, he knows that if he wants to see what mum is doing, he climbs into the tower.  He’ll often have his lunch at the counter in the tower, or he’ll help bake or prepare his snacks. He loves playing with his Play-doh in the tower, and it’s great when his little friend comes along, as they both get in and have fun. He’s quite proactive now with it now, and will say ‘tower’ when he wants me to put it at the counter for him (he quickly realised that it was just that little bit too big for him to push from one side of the room to the other, but top marks for trying). I’m really pleased with the tower and I always recommend it to people.”
Sarah, Australia